Friday, March 27, 2009

Giving the NZ Falcon a hand

More rare than New Zealand's national bird the kiwi, we think the New Zealand Falcon, our only native bird of prey, deserves our full support.
Extinction is forever - not something we will sit by and watch happen.

On top of that, we thought why not help out a native bird that gives us a hand - you see, as a bird of prey, the Falcon's presence reduces the impact of bird damge to our vineyards - avoiding netting and noisy guns.

We're pleased to be a Green Sponsor of the Marlborough Falcon Conservation Trust - set up to help save the NZ Falcon and return it to its original range.

As well as lending the Trust some financial support up-front, on-going sales of our MOMO wine will help support the Trust and the NZ Falcon too. For every bottle of MOMO wine sold via the new MOMO website we're donating $2 to the cause.