Thursday, October 18, 2012

Starting with Seresin in the Shed

Ashley Sumner & Vivienne Hayman opened the Sugar Club restaurant with Peter Gordon as chef in All Saints Rd., Notting Hill Gate in 1995. They were the first restaurant in the UK to sell our wine, which we shipped direct to them, before we had a distributor. The original restaurant has been replaced by 'The Tin Shed', a bakery & cafe with wonderful bread, food & wine.

Julian Sciascia the baker at Tin Shed.

Julian Sciascia, the New Zealand born baker of Sicilian heritage, asked a few months ago if our wines were organic. I replied yes, so he asked for a bottle each of our Riesling and Leah Pinot Noir, to make a starter for his sourdough bread. Apparently organic wine makes a better starter. This we did. So 17 years after our wines arrived in London there is a little bit in each loaf of the Tin Shed sourdough...

I love it.

Michael Seresin