Friday, February 22, 2013

It is not all about wine...

The soft side of what we do is as important as many of our other endeavours.
We sponsor a literary prize, along with Landfall magazine. And in the past commissioned poetry. Kapka Kassabova was one of the early contributors.
Here is a haunting & evocative poem Kapka sent us recently.

Summers Like This

By Kapka Kassabova

Summers like this feel like the last

of the sap is rising, the last heron grazing

the river, the last berry blood on the skin,

the last stab of wheat, the last

harvest that will make you sad.

And now this mud-track further in,

further in where you glimpse

the stag drinking, where you can’t

see the sun and warm rain

slaps the forest in ecstasy, where the past

waits for you like a lover with a gun.

And when you come near –

oh, you always come near –

you’ll remember why

summers like this feel like the last.