Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Open for Sandy

Today in NYC, in the middle of hurricane Sandy we went looking for a restaurant open for lunch, not easy, the city is closed, … but, we found one..Aquagrill.

A very cool seafood restaurant in Spring St, downtown Manhattan, which co-incidentally has been serving our wines for ages. So in we went.
Beautiful food, a couple of glasses of MOMO Pinot Noir. Then as we were leaving to face Sandy again, the sommelier introduced herself, said how much they loved our wines. A couple at the bar overhearing the conversation said, "hey those wines sound great, can we have a couple of glasses of MOMO please?".
In the middle of this devastating hurricane which has not yet reached its zenith…food & wine triumph. The sense of camaraderie is very pervasive, despite the battering the city is getting.

Michael Seresin