Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Independence Day (for Roosters)

The 4th of July was celebrated at Seresin Estate by a ceremonial 'freeing of the roosters'.
This is not a traditional biodynamic farming practice, but was a good opportunity to give our roosters back their freedom.
You see, they were giving our free-range hens a (err) hard time, so we relocated them to the other end of the home vineyard, by our cellar door. After a week or so in a coop settling into their new location, we opened their door today.
As you can see, they are taking a while to venture out.
Q: Why do we have chickens?
A: For the eggs.
The egg-whites can be used for fining our wines (if needed) and the egg shells are an important addition into our biodynamic composts. Oh, and they make a pretty good omelette too !

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