Thursday, August 2, 2007

There's more to sangiovese than Chianti

As well as containing a nice description of our 2005 Seresin Estate Leah Pinot Noir, an article in Canada's Globe and Mail headed 'There's more to sangiovese than Chianti' tries to clear up some misunderstandings about Italian wine;

  • Chianti is a region (an area of Tuscany between Florence and Siena) not a grape
  • Sangiovese is the grape often associated with Chianti
  • In the township of Montepulciano, in southern Tuscany, there is a wonderful wine called Vino Nobile di Montepulciano, which is made from sangiovese and not the grape called montepulciano.
Confused? Thankfully there's not a grape called chianti made under the brand name Sangiovese from the town of Montepulciano. And thankfully the review of the 2005 Seresin Estate Leah Pinot Noir is easier to understand: "There's good, classic pinot character in this premium bottling from a country making good strides with the grape. Medium-bodied and slightly jammy, it offers up flavours of raspberry, beetroot, spicy plum and toasty oak, and a tight grip on the earthy finish."

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