Wednesday, January 30, 2008

New Faces

We are pleased to welcome Luca (above left) and Christian to the team at Seresin.

Luca hails from Tuscany in Italy where he works on his family's biodynamic farm and where he consults to other farms and vineyards nearby. He is spending a few months working in the Seresin vineyards and olive groves before touring New Zealand and then heading home.

Christian is with us as part of the 'Willing Workers on Organic Farms' Programme from Klosters in Switzerland where he works in forestry, woodworking and in sports and ski stores. Hopefully Christian is with us for at least another month before his girlfriend calls him home.

A truly global community, we now have people from Australia, Canada, England, Italy, India, New Zealand (Pakeha and Maori), Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the USA in the Seresin team, in addition to Chinese, Czechs, Tongans and many more working as part of our team of contractors.

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