Thursday, May 15, 2008

Busy with Biodynamics

The autumn is a busy time of year for our biodynamic activities. It is the time when all of the energies and nutrients that have made their way into the vegetative part of the plants now return to the earth (think of it as the earth inhaling). It’s at this time that we make and bury the majority of our preparations so they can receive this returning goodness. During the last descending moon cycle, while the moon was in an earth sign (April 28th and 29th) we made our biodynamic preparation 500 (filled cow horns with fresh manure), 503 (stuffed cow intestines with dried chamomile flowers), 504 (packed a clay pipe with dried stinging nettle) and 506 (wrapped dried dandelion in a cow mesentery) [pictured clockwise]. These were then each buried in their own clay pots, as was our preparation 502 (stags bladders filled with dried yarrow) which had been hanging in our walnut tree for the summer. We also made our preparation 505 (filled a cow and sheep skull with oak bark and submerged them into a barrel of water and decaying vegetation) and unearthed our preparations 501 (cow horns filled with ground quartz) and 504 (the stinging nettle from last year).

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