Thursday, October 23, 2008

Tripping on Marlborough Pinot Noir

It was a pleasure to have Phil Tripp visit us from Australia's Daily Telegraph earlier in the year. His article - declaring Marlborough as a 'perfect cradle for the cultivation of Pinot Noir' - appeared on the front page of the travel section 'escape' this weekend, along with one of our favourite shots of our Raupo Creek vineyard (below).

Of Seresin, he says: "Wines are organically and biodynamically grown, hand-tended and hand-picked in true artisanal manner. The Rachel and Leah pressings are rich and classic from hilly clay soils, while the Tatou and Raupo wines, from stonier ground, are even more generous. They also produce a fine array of olive oils from more than 7000 trees including ones infused with lemon, lime and orange."

In fact, Leah and Rachel are made with fruit selected from all of our 3 vineyards, while Raupo (from Raupo Creek vineyard's hilly clay soils) and Tatou (from Tatou vineyard, a stony site) are single vineyard wines from each of those 2 vineyards. We can't argue with Phil's opinion that Marlborough is a special place Pinot Noir - even more so as we learn more about each of our vineyards' qualities.

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