Tuesday, February 10, 2009

In a Pickle

The gherkins are coming on fast so one Friday afternoon we worked on filling our winter pantry with pickles. Harvested, cleaned, cut, seasoned and jarred with vinegar. Yum! We used a traditional Slovenian recipe from Sean's wife...Andreja Phillips’ Gherkins à la Sloveniana

- 2 kg gherkins
- 7.5 dl cider or white wine vinegar
- 3-4 tbsp salt
- Sugar (if you like)
- A few twigs of dill or tarragon, etc
- Whole spices – yellow mustard seeds, peppercorns
- 7.5 dl water

- Wash gherkins and sterilize jars
- Mix vinegar, water, salt and sugar in pot, heat just to boil
- Put gherkins in jars (whole or chopped, as you like) and add fresh herbs
- Pour the vinegar mix over the gherkins, 1 cm under the top rim, then screw lids tightly and cover with a blanket/towel to cool down slowly
- Store in dark, cool place at least 14 days


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