Friday, June 12, 2009

Infused in Organics

Tea grower turned wine grower, Aman Chowfin says he’s living his dream. The former assistant manager of an Indian tea plantation is more than happy with his new life in New Zealand as Seresin Estate’s Assistant Vineyard Manager.

Aman began work at Seresin in October 2006, after completing a wine making course in Gisborne. Before that Aman helped manage a 500 hectare tea plantation in Assam, India. Concern over the future of the Indian tea industry, and a desire for a better life for his family motivated Aman to explore other work options. In the same way grapes from different vineyards create distinctly different flavours in the bottle, each tea plantation produces tea leaves with individual flavours. Aman’s experience in the tea plantation provides the Seresin team with a unique perspective on terroir.

Check out Aman on the latest edition of Asia Down Under.

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