Friday, July 9, 2010

The Big Shwop Returns

We're pleased to be part of The Big Shwop's return to Wellington this winter - with a bundle of exciting new surprises under its belt.

For the first time The Big Shwop will be open to men, with a dedicated shwopping area for a He Shwop.

The first floor gallery of St James Theatre on Courtenay Place will be transformed into an eco-shopping extravaganza, where hundreds of fashionable Wellingtonians can swap up to twenty of their barely worn quality clothes from their wardrobes for fabulous new ones.

Shwoppers will be treated to some complimentary goodies, including a glass of the official wine of The Big Shwop - the certified organic 2009 MOMO Sauvignon Blanc - and some treats from Ecostore and Trilogy.

Big Shwop tickets are $20. To pre register and for all event information, please visit The Big Shwop webiste.

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