Thursday, June 21, 2012

Happy 'New Year'!

This morning we gathered in the Rachel block of our Home Vineyard to celebrate a very important day in our calendars - the Winter Solstice. 

It had been raining early this morning, but in true Solstice style, the skies cleared just as we headed out for our celebrations, and since then it's been a brilliant, sunny winters day.

Colin, our Estate Manager, spoke about what the Solstice means to us at Seresin: 

"The Winter Solstice marks the beginning of an agricultural new year - the end of one growing season and the beginning of the next. Winter is a time for inner reflection, rather than outer movement. Huddling together in the warm, we look back on the year that has been, and look forward and plan for the year to come. From here, we begin pruning in earnest, as the sap in the grape vines starts to rise, and we head towards Spring and bud burst.'

After Colin spoke, we gave thanks to the land for what it has given us this year, by placing some of our various produce at the end of Row 12.

Over a glass of hot homemade Limoncello and morning tea (Jerusalem Artichoke and Whisky soup - delicious!) we wish you all a happy and prosperous 'new year'.

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