Thursday, March 26, 2015

Vintage vittles... The Seresin way

Vintage is almost upon us, and our vintage workers are here and straining at the slips like the vinous greyhounds that they are. As is usually the case, we are one of the last properties to get started, enjoying the calm before the storm as our grapes finish the last stages of their maturation. After an exceptionally warm and sunny summer, the past week or two have been a little cooler, with a little bit of welcome and refreshing rain, and this has just taken the pace of the ripening a little - a good thing in our eyes.

Despite the fact that we have yet to fully embrace vintage, our team have been busy preparing the winery for action and therefore we have just begun to serve our vintage meals. We are very fortunate to have Marcia as our vintage chef; she is part of the Seresin family, an excellent cook and an inveterate feeder. Today was the first day of her "vintage" with us...

This morning, we all came together to share a spot of "smoko", in true Seresin style, served on the conveyor belt at the winery door. Fresh waffles made with Seresin fresh eggs always go down a treat...

Lunch for the winery crew today consisted of some of Marcia's delicious homemade pizzas - slow fermented pizza dough and the freshest of ingredients. Those of us in the office have good cause to be jealous when the photos get sent through! 

We thought we would share some of our meals, wines and vintage conversations with you over the coming weeks - show a little bit of what makes us tick, show who the people are who make everything happen and, more than anything show you, the Seresin way of life.

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Nancy said...

Great to see you all and wish you a great harvest! First spring blossom greetings from Northland