Thursday, April 16, 2015

Vintage 2015: Chardonnay Day

Now anyone who knows anything about us will know that we love Chardonnay - and, if we're very honest, we're rather proud of ours. So, the Chardonnay vintage is always a real highlight for us and a day that we always look forward to - mind you, sometimes that's because it's also a sign that vintage is almost over!

Yesterday saw a frosty start, followed by the clearest and bluest autumnal skies that one could wish for - perfect picking weather, with the fruit arriving in the winery cool and crisp and ready for action.

This year, the Chardonnay is looking really rather good. The fruit that came into the winery yesterday was from the Sylvain block of our Raupo Creek vineyard, where we have deliciously rich clay-based soils, topped with fine, wind-blown silt. The vines are planted on a gently undulating slope that has lots of variation in aspect and soil depth. We have three clones represented there - Mendoza, Clone 15 and Clone 95. These are picked separately from each other, but also we keep the fruit from the different zones within the block separate too, resulting in six different cuvées. Having this variation is what gives us the flexibility we love when it comes to blending.

We currently make three different Chardonnays: our Momo Chardonnay, and then our Seresin Estate and our ever-popular Chardonnay Reserve. We are now taking the first steps towards making an aspirational Chardonnay - reaching that little bit higher and seeing where it will take us. It's an exciting project to be starting and it will be months and years in development. Still, at least there will be a lot of tasting required and, when it comes to Seresin Chardonnay, that can only be a good thing!

Chardonnay, a little earlier this year

Chardonnay, a little earlier this year

Chardonnay day, bright, crisp and autumnal

Coming through the winery door

Into the press... 

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