Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Hungry and Wild

Our good friends Steve Logan and Al Brown from Logan Brown Restaurant and Bar in Wellington are gracing our TV screens again in a new series of their wonderful programme 'Hunger for the Wild".

The first programme of the series screened on Saturday. If you missed it, make sure you tune into TV One on Saturdays at 7pm from now on.

Steve and Al say they've had an exhilarating time over the last few months. "We’ve been lucky enough to meet some amazing kiwi characters as we hunt, gather and eat our way around some spectacular corners of the country. We’ve had a heap of laughs, learnt a hell of a lot, and made some terrific friendships along the way."

During the series you’ll see wild hare in Marlborough back country, scallops in Queen Charlotte Sound, trout fishing on the beautiful Tauranga-Taupo River, cod and clams in and around Otago Harbour, paddle crabs up the Kapiti Coast, traditional eeling on the desolate Birdlings Flat on the Banks Peninsula, weka and groper on the remote Chatham Islands, wild ducks on a Hawkes Bay lake and wild deer in Central Otago.

Matched with great wines (Saturday's episode featured Vinoptima's luscious Gewurztraminer), this series is a must-see for lovers of beautiful food and wine and those interested in seeing more of our country, and meeting the passionate people behind the produce. Al and Steve make it as fun as it is mouth-watering.

Let us know if you want help getting a copy of the Season One DVD, or if you want to pre-order a DVD for Season Two.

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