Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Celebrating the Solstice

The winter solstice marks a significant celestial event for us at Seresin Estate – our ‘New Year’. The days are the shortest of the year, harvests have just ended, and the annual cycle is about to begin again, anew.

Noon on June 21st marked the winter solstice this year and we celebrated with a solstice / harvest party and activities of joy and thanks. We took a hayride around to each of the sites in the vineyard…

…Marked the solar zenith on our Wairau strata sculpture (by Chris Booth).

…Gave thanks for 2008 by returning the rewards of the year to the ground that provided them and welcomed the 2009 growing season.

…Blessed the foundation for the new year by laying the first layer of straw on a new compost pile.

…Laid flower offerings at our sentinel stone.

…Made a rainbow of our handprints.

…Planted strawberries for our future.

…Made wishes for 2009 into our solstice fire, and concluded the evening with food, drink, music, fire and frivolity!

Many thanks for 2008 season and blessings to everyone for 2009!

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