Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Seresin, Naive and Melvin Day

Seresin is proud to support the Millennium Gallery and two new exhibitions which open this Friday.

Stabat Mater, an exhibition by one of New Zealand's most distinguished artists, Melvin Day, brings together painting, music and literature, with a collection founded on the music of Vivaldi and a collaboration with French writer Frédéric-Yves Jeannet.

Naive is the personal art collection of our own Jim Rawdon, Seresin Cellar Door Manager.

He says "my interest in naĩve art started some thirty years ago with a corn cob! It was being fed to a large bear by a kind little man and featured in an early American folk art painting. I was taken with the perspective, colours and sheer absurdness of the subject.

My collection contains pieces created by largely untrained, passionate people, often using colour and scale for emotional effect rather than documentation. Kiwis, ferns, cabbage trees and sheep often brought together with striking Maori motifs, make these precious things truly unique to Kiwi culture."

Join us for a glass of Seresin wine and support our local art gallery, at 6:00pm Friday 18 July.

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