Friday, December 12, 2008

Our Pinot in Paris

I was delighted to receive an email recently from Michael Berger who spent time with us in New Zealand. Michael visited the house in Waterfall Bay and was surprised and pleased to see the book "King" on a table, written by his brother John Berger - an author, novelist, painter and art-critic; a truly amazing man whose work I admire.

So, while I was pleased to hear from Michael, I was especially grateful for the photo he sent; that of his brother John enjoying a bottle of Seresin Pinot Noir in Paris for his birthday in November. Hopefully John enjoyed our work as much as I've admired his. Happy Birthday John, and here's to many more. - Michael Seresin

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Jennifer Compton said...

John Berger! When I was in Rome my friend Riccardo insisted I read a short prose piece by John Berger. It was a wonderful fey piece but I was puzzled as to why Riccardo insisted I read it.

It was because the Riccardo in the story was my Riccardo.

I learned a lot.