Monday, March 15, 2010

Honey Harvest

One of my most memorable days at Seresin was a couple of weeks ago, when I was fortunate to be involved in our first ‘Honey Harvest’. This was my first ‘official’ visit to life in the hive. Rob and I teamed up in our white bee suits and set about taking out the frames that were the fullest for processing. We took out 18 frames all together, brushing the bees from them with a paintbrush! The bees were very patient with us while we fumbled in our first ever harvest. One bee decided that he liked the look of Rob’s legs and got herself stuck down his sock – and a red mark resulted…

The processing of the honey was made able by a kind professional bee man down the road. He leant us a hand powered centrifuge to spin out the honey from the frames. The smoko room was on lock down as the bees could smell honey in the air and came to peacefully investigate the logistics of getting their liquid gold back.

For me, I was grateful to take time to remember and ponder on how wonderful and magical Mother Nature can be. Needless to say we are all about to enjoy 30L of Seresin artichoke influenced honey!

By Leisha Van der spek

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