Tuesday, March 9, 2010

It's Pinot we love

Pinot Noir is an incredibly beautiful grape, and a beautiful wine - we love it. It's called the heartbreak grape for good reason, it is a challenge to make and an even bigger challenge to grow but the quest to make the best possible Pinot Noir is something all of us at Seresin are driven by.

A new era commenced at Seresin in 2006 when Clive Dougall took over as winemaker and Colin Ross, our vineyard manager, joined us from a biodynamic vineyard in Western Australia. 2007 was their first vintage together at Seresin. From this vintage six different Pinot Noir were made. The 'Leah' named for Michael Seresin's daughter, is a blend of fruit from our three vineyards; 'Rachel', after Michael's mother, is a Pinot made from the best portions available from our Estate each year. From each of our three vineyards we have also produced a single vineyard wine; the 'Tatou', 'Home' and 'Raupo Creek' Pinot Noir illustrate the characteristics of our different sites and soils.

The unique conditions of the 2007 vintage allowed us for the first time to make a wine we have called 'Sun & Moon'. Cropped at a minimal one bunch per shoot or less, we believe this wine to be our best expression of Pinot Noir. It will only be made when this beautiful heartbreak grape allows us.

Internationally renowned UK winewriter Jamie Goode recently had the opportunity to taste the 'thrilling line-up' of all six of these wines, and has published his tasting notes and reviews on his blog. To see his reviews, check out his blog.

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