Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Harvest 2010 - Vintage Work Experience

Harvest is the perfect time to learn more about the art of making good wine. Seresin staff, employed in marketing, admin and the cellar door, enjoy the opportunity to get their hand's dirty and spend a day or two as part of the vintage team.

Today our Cellar Door Manager, Carolina, spent the day working in the winery, pressing grapes, racking wine, cleaning tanks, warming ferments, sampling and checking the progress of our fermentations.

Carol says she can’t believe how much she has learnt. “Working in the winery during vintage has given me the chance to experience another side of Seresin. I can give visitors to our Cellar Door a better experience because I now know more about the whole winemaking process.”

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Kathleen said...

Fantastic - I love going into a cellar door & talking to someone who's been involved in the winemaking :) It fits especially nicely with the whole biodynamic philosophy of everything being connected. Very cool!