Thursday, April 8, 2010

Harvest 2010 - Harvest Helpers

There are always lots of willing helpers around vintage time, keen to lend a hand and experience some of the magic of the harvest.

One of the regulars is Gabby Tait. Vintage usually coincides with the school holidays and Gabby has been a part of the Seresin harvest team for six years.

Gabby is pictured here delivering grapes to the winery, with her father Scott, the Seresin Property Manager.

Gabby says she enjoys tasting the different grapes and getting to drink freshly pressed grape juice. She says "my favourite part about harvest is meeting all the new people."

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Kathleen said...

Our little boy aspires to be like Gabby when he's big enough - right now he's the official Millton Vineyards inspector of stationary tractors ;) He loves gewurtztraminer juice the best - good taste for a little guy!